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Friday, 19 July 2013

Introducing some of the Models I work with...

Introducing some of the Models I work with... You have met My Plus Size Model Miss Renee Storm in one of the videos I posted, You can find Renee's blogs on, she loves to blog about SnM and write kinky stories. You will see more of Renee's sexy Fetish Lingerie in our boutique in the futur but in the mean time, you can always post your comments or your questions on the ''ASK THUNDA'' page on 

Now here to introduce another sexy plus size model; Miss Sunny Shine! Sunny does not blog but she loves to model all sorts of clothing and lingerie. She will be doing more stuff for Plumps' real soon. If you wish to meet Sunny, have a chat with her or if you're looking for a sweet and very dedicated aspiring Canadian Model, here's how you can get in touch with her:

My Work at Home Research

As I was going through my junk mail, I stumbled upon an email offering a quick and easy way to make money online. I clicked on the link and started to watch the video, and I found it very interesting BUT, they were asking me to pay 97$ to sign up with them.

I was very skeptical so I decided to look up the program on the net before investing in any scams. Sure enough, it was a scam. If you have heard of something called ''Partner with Tom'' I suggest you do NOT invest any money!!! I then decided to look up some more Online paid programs and came upon easymoney formula.. asking to chip in 25$, again, another scam. Whatever online paid program asking you any money to sign up is a scam and the truth is, whenever they tell you you can make several 100$ or 1000$ in a day, week or month.. Chances are, Its a scam.

Now so far, this here is what I found, and by the way, I am in no way an affiliate, and I did find something pretty cool online that you can do at home no matter where you are located.  world wide work at home offers online jobs to people world wide!!!
Data Entry
Legal Transcription
Medical Transcription
Customer Service
Online Tutors 
Most of these job offers are FREE to join, you just need to select your country, go on the job board, check out their offers, see if you qualify, if so, all you need to do is sign up and apply! Once you do apply you will NOT be asked to pay any fees or join any program, select any free trial, enter your credit card number or NOTHING like that! Although, on some sites they might, and that's entirely up to you but I preferred not to and I only went for the ones that were free and seemed legit! The only affiliate programs I've joined so far are clixsense and earnparttimejobs and only because I have tried them, and even though you don't make much money off of them, at least their free and you don't have to work your butt off the make a little bit of money. Your job on those two sites are to view either ads or videos and you get paid for it. In the meantime, I will keep searching and will let you know if I come across something better!!! Thanks for reading!
- Patricia Plump

Get rid of Nasty Cellulite with Coffee?

Can you get rid of nasty cellulite with coffee?

Apparently you can! I've seen this on YouTube, I've read about it in natural home remedy books and I decided to try it!!! Now this is a long procedure.. It could take up to 4 to 6 weeks before you can actually see any results, but hey! I got nothing to lose, but nasty cellulite!!! I've started this ''cellulite cure'' a while ago and I gave it up because you really have to be dedicated to it,  it is a little time consuming and a little gross.. but it's the cheapest thing out there, coffee doesn't cost half as much as any other cosmetic or dermatological product. I will give it another try very soon because all the other so called anti cellulite creams out there are definitely not working. If you have tried this, please post your comments! thx!!!

DIY 2 tones (half moon) Acrylic nails for Under 20$

DIY 2 tones (half moon) Acrylic nails
for Under 20$


My Online Boutique - Specialized in Plus size Clothing / Lingerie :

A natural way to enhance your breast and booty!

My first blog is all about getting the nice round shaped booty we all crave for. I found a very simple and natural way to do that with fish oil and vitamin E. This method does NOT require any type of work out or regime, you simply apply the oils, wrap yourself up for a couple of minutes and you're pretty much done! Before I give you the recipe, I would like to mention that I have tried this and it does work BUT you need to be patient. This will not happen overnight! This process needs to be repeated 2 to 3 times a week for about a month before you can actually see any results. You could add exercises to your routine but it's not required, although, a good butt workout will bring you greater results and I'm guessing the difference will show sooner. Either way, you are good to go, with or without it! So here's a home made NATURAL recipe to enhancing your breast and your butt in only 4 weeks:

You will need : 
 4 capsules of Fish oil
 2 caps of Vitamin E
Saran wrap
and 15 minutes 
out of your busy schedule

             Apply 2 capsules of the fish oil on each of your butt cheeks, rub it in by doing circular movements, then you will need to apply 1 capsule of the Vitamin E on each butt cheek and again, rub it in, in a circular movement. Once both butt cheeks are done, wrap the Saran wrap all around your butt, hips area as if you were wearing a plastic skirt and leave it on for 15 minutes. The fish oil's fat is what will make your butt grow, now I just want to mention that your butt will not get wider, only your cheeks will grow and become fuller and round. The vitamin E will help your skin stretch without causing any rips, meaning it will prevent your skin to break and cause stretch marks. I suggest you take a good shower as soon as you are done because the smell is terrible!!! Repeat this 2 to 3 times a week for about 4 weeks and you should see good results. This could also be done on the breasts but only use 2 caps of fish oil instead of 4!

Please take a look at my video for more information about the products you will need:

A painted hindsight gloves a chocolate past the hungry plastic.